Как booking.com борется со страхами клиентов

7 года назад

29 хитростей и уловок booking.com. Как популярный сервис поиска бронирования отелей борется со страхами и предубеждениями своих клиентов, оказывая услуги 27 миллионам пользователей каждый месяц.

  1. 586,000+ hotels, apartments, villas and more.
  2. FREE cancellation on most rooms!
  3. A list of recent bookings that refreshes every few seconds.
  4. An exit pop-up "Discounts of 20% or more!" or "Save at least 20% in Rome" if you've already chosen a country.
  5. Lowest price guarantee.
  6. A clickable list with the most popular search elements.
  7. Filter criteria: Recommended, Stars, Review score.
  8. There are X people looking at this hotel.
  9. Latest booking: X minutes ago.
  10. Booking.com, #1 accommodation site + trust labels.
  11. A carousel-like overview of testimonials.
  12. Big, beautiful pictures.
  13. We have only X left on our site.
  14. FREE cancellation before {DATE}.
  15. Reserve (Confirmation is Immediate)
  16. Hurry! This is a limited offer.
  17. 3 reasons to choose {YOUR SELECTED HOTEL}: Low rates, They speak your language, 579 verified reviews.
  18. You get the best price.
  19. No payments needed today. You'll pay during your stay.
  20. This property is in a good location. Guests have rated it X.
  21. You’ve selected a hotel with a guest review score of X.
  22. X guests from {YOUR COUNTRY} have made a booking in the last 5 minutes.
  23. Your secure booking starts here – it only takes 2 minutes!
  24. An exit pop-up: "The details you've entered will not be saved if you leave this page."
  25. Quote: "Booking.com is one of the largest and most valuable companies in {SELECTED COUNTRY}".
  26. Change of plans? Hey, it happens. You can easily modify your dates, guest details, add special requests, or cancel your entire booking before {DATE}.
  27. Credit card number: No charge - only needed to reserve your room.
  28. Your credit card will not be charged - it's only needed to guarantee your booking.
  29. Book this room. Get instant confirmation.

PowerPlate Strength

Фитнес студия PowerPlate.

Все правильно!

Где клиенты находят профессиональных редакторов.

Family DAO

Сервис для молодых матерей, сидящих с детьми.


Сеть фитнес студий от Валерии.

Power Plate

Официальный дилер Power Plate в России.